Universal Life Insurance and Premium Financing

We provide universal life insurance and financing options to wealthy clients in over 200 countries through partnerships with wealth managers, brokers, trust companies, private banks, and tax advisers.

Life Insurance
What We Offer

All the life insurance solutions you need.

We provide life insurance products, life insurance quotes, insurance underwriting, training and advice for financial advisers, wealth managers, bankers and trustees.

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Our Solutions
Life Insurance Premium Financing and Offshore Pensions

  • Family Life insurance | Protect Your Family with Life Insurance | Life Insurance for Families | Life Insurance for Families and Children.jpg
    Life Insurance Solutions Protect Your Family with Life Insurance

    Life insurance solutions for wealth managers, insurance brokers, trustees, family offices and private banks for high net worth clients. We provide universal life insurance, whole of life and term insurance.

  • Life Insurance Premium Financing | Financing Life Insurance | Premium Financing for High Net Worth Clients.jpg
    Premium Financing for Life Insurance Premium Financing for High Net Worth Clients

    Premium financing for life insurance policies. We provide premium finance for high net worth clients of life insurance brokers, private banks and wealth managers.

  • QNUPS Retirement Planning with Life Insurance
    Offshore Pension Plans

    Retirement and Estate Planning

    Life insurance can be used in a retirement plan to provide an income for life and give financial security to loved ones when you die.

Our Services
What We Offer

  • Life Insurance Products for Financial Professionals International Life Insurance

    Check our country list for life coverage and capacity:

    Life cover from the world’s largest life insurers for your clients from Capital for Life.

  • Our Partnership Programme Working Together

    Our life insurance and financing service is for:

    • Financial Advisers
    • Wealth Managers
    • Life Insurance Brokers
    • Trust Companies
    • Family Offices
    • Private Banks
    • Lawyers and Accountants
    • Tax Advisers

    From a one-off need to a longer-term relationship, use our expertise to solve your high net worth clients life insurance needs.

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