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  • Insurance Company Financial Strength

    The financial strength of the life insurer is the most important factor. Read why on the Capital for Life Blog.

  • Using Offshore Life Insurance to Help High Net Worth Clients

    A short PDF guide on How Wealth Managers are using Universal Life insurance from Capital for Life

  • Trustee Guide to International Life Insurance
    trustee guide to international life insurance solutions | capital for life.pdf

    Trustees are the guardians of high net worth client wealth. International life insurance can provide a guaranteed way to provide cash to a trust in case of wealth tax or debt repayments upon the death of the life insured.

  • Trustee Life Insurance Policy Review
    Trustee Life Insurance Policy Review FREE PDF Download

    Trustee owned life insurance policies need reviewing regularly. Capital for Life's Life Insurance Review Fact Find is a free resource for trustees to help them meet their legal and fiduciary responsibilities of managing life insurance policies.

  • Covid-19 and the Cost of Life Insurance
    will the cost of life insurance rise due to covid-19?.pdf

    The biggest epidemic for 100 years - Covid-19 - is causing life insurance companies to reassess their pricing. Will the cost of life cover increase? Will it be harder to get life insurance? Capital for Life investigates

  • Glossary of Life Insurance Terms

    Our glossary of the most common life insurance and premium financing terms and conditions will help guide you, so you can make an informed choice of which policy is right for you and how best to finance the cost of buying it.

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