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Our Life Insurance Solutions
Our Life Insurance Solutions
Life Insurance

What type of life insurance does your client need? It will depend upon:

  • Reason for life cover
  • Amount of coverage needed
  • Term of the cover required
  • What features and benefits do your client needs

Capital for Life will then help you decide which policies could be best for your client to buy, how to customise the policy and structure it.

Search and Selection Service

We guide our professional advisers through the life insurance products that meet their high net worth client needs. With life cover available for clients in nearly 200 countries across 6 continents, the choice of life policies is vast. Our depth of knowledge saves you time and gives you a shortlist of products that could be suitable for your client.

Compare Life Insurance Quotes

Capital for Life compares life insurance quotes from dozens of life insurance companies globally to bring you the best price.

The cost of insurance can vary widely, depending on the type of life insurance coverage you choose and personal factors of your client including country of residence, age, gender and health.

Types of Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a whole of life policy offering high death cover from $1m upwards. The premium paid by the policy owner is invested by the insurance company. This pays for the cost of the life cover and also provides a cash value to the policy which can be used by the policyholder during their lifetime. The ability to take withdrawals or loans from the policy is an attractive feature of this type of policy. There are 3 main types of universal life insurance policies to choose from:

  • Indexed universal life insurance
  • Variable universal life insurance
  • Traditional universal life insurance

This type of life insurance policy can also be financed which allows clients to buy high amounts of cover and to take advantage of leveraged policy returns.

Whole of Life Insurance

A whole life policy provides life cover for a person's entire life, not just for a specific time period like term life insurance. Some whole life insurance policies have a cash surrender value that can be used during the lifetime of the life assured, as well as providing a death benefit. Other types of whole life policy have no lifetime benefits, just a death benefit. There are 2 types of whole life insurance:

  • Whole of Life Insurance with cash value
  • Whole of Life Insurance with no cash value

The guarantees offered by each different type of policy will also vary. These differences are important, and which type of policy a client uses will depend upon their individual circumstances.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides life insurance for a specific length of time. There are 2 main types of term life insurance policy:

  • Level Term Insurance
  • Decreasing Term Insurance

Term cover has no cash value like other types of life policies but has a guaranteed death benefit during the cover term.

Whatever the reasons your client has for buying life insurance, we work closely with you to design a policy that meets their needs and goals.

Read more in our Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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